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06-06-2016 19:07:01

New Balance ¡°updated¡± the MT101 in the newbalancesale.top form of the MT110, but the reality is that the 110 was a very different shoe. New last shape, firmer feel, just not the same shoe. And some portion of the MT110¡¯s that were released were built up excessively under the lateral forefoot, leading to a slanted sole that my posterior tibial tendons did not like.

New Balance RC5000 Sole The upper of the RC5000 is really nice ¨C it¡¯s extremely thin and the internal surface is quite soft. The cuff around the ankle collar is lined by a very soft synthetic material, with just a bit of cushion behind the Achilles. The interior is where this shoe really trumps the Mizuno Universe. The Universe is lined by a somewhat rough mesh, and the ankle collar is made of a plasticky material that gives me blisters behind my Achilles if I run in them without socks. The RC5000 feels much better on a sockless foot.

One New Balance 574 cheap sale of the first things I noticed upon putting the shoes on my feet was the distinct midfoot bump. Some might call it arch support, but to me it feels more like a bump or ridge that extends across the width of the shoe under the arch. In this sense it¡¯s like the GR1 or maybe the original Brooks PureConnect (the PI N1 even has a bit of this type of feel). It was a bit disconcerting at first, but like the bump in the GoRun the sensation went away after running in them a bit. You will feel it while standing in them, but it has been a non-issue for me on the run.

The tongue of the Zante is attached to the upper on both sides, giving the shoe a bootie-like construction. It hugs the foot nicely, and I¡¯d have to say that this is one of the best uppers I have seen on a New Balance shoe in awhile.

New Balance 1400 The 1400 is basically a racing flat with a bit of additional soft cushion under the heel. It¡¯s super lightweight (6.4 oz in size 9) and simple in its construction, both of which are features I like in a running shoe. It also costs under $100, which is a huge plus these days.

They also feel great on longer, New Balance 576 sale usa slower runs, and for heel strikers or those who tend to have form breakdowns late in a race the heel cushion is ample. This is the kind of shoe that could be worn by a lot of different runners with very different styles and body types. I¡¯d go so far as to say it¡¯s a great starting shoe for a new runner ¨C light, simple, and plenty of protection (I¡¯m not a big believer in expensive, techy shoes with lots of stuff shoved into the sole). I¡¯d rank it righ New Balance 990 cheap sale t up there with the Saucony Kinvara in terms of versatility.