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15-05-2015 14:09:40

It doesn't look like the WMNS wedge sneaker trend is going anywhere, and in anticipation of that, Nike introduced their nike lunarelite sky hi qs fw milan for the ladies in a plethora of special editions and packs. The latest Gradient Pack features the lunar midsole fading from white at the heel to the main monochromatic color at the toe, while the pair gets a redesigned upper featuring breathable perforations while the back heel is touched in premium suede.


The trend for sneaker-wedges continues. At least Nike know what they are doing when they decided to release the nike lunar elite sky hi qs fw cheap price. The winterised sock-like boot with sleek zips provide a protective waterproof sleeve for your feet to keep you cosy and dry. The design rests on a exaggerated Lunarlon wedge, which gives them their cute bootie feel.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Has Nike turned it on for the females or what? Feast your eyes around the first glimpses of the nike lunar elite sky hi qs fw online shop. Specifically constructed for the wedged street warriors, six differential colour options are available of these geometric jammers, with each colourway representing a major city – New York, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo and Sao Paolo.

Maintaining its title as the lightest wedged sneaker known to man/woman thus far, ladies should drop everything and catch an eyeful of the super limited nike lunar elite sky hi qs fw on sale. Like the big city itself, the geometric get-up shines atop the predominantly black upper, sheathing a neoprene bootie, elevated Lunarlon cushioning, and the stand-out translucent ‘NEW YORK' emblazoned outsole. Freakettes, being a Quickstrike release – and a damn delectable quickstrike at that – you're going to have to move quick to get your hands on a pair of these platform kicks.


Another year, another “City Pack” as the Swoosh will utilize the WMNS wedge sneaker trend this go around in the form of the nike lunar elite sky hi qs fw clearance to represent six marathon-minded cities with equal influence on the fashion world. Ranging from New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Paris, London, and Milan, each sneaker features an exclusive colorway with metallic laden uppers while the tongue tag features each city's respective abbreviation.